Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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Even though it’s really not the most offensive thing about State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt’s pandering to shamed former General David Patraus recently, I was blown away yesterday when I saw, for the first time, this video of Schmidt ‘s introduction of Patraeus at the National Guard facility in Bismarck. I mean, we all know America has been in its longest war ever — this war against the fictional country called ‘terror” — but there’s always been this Code of Omertà among Republican elected officials that they would never admit it in public. Until Kelly Schmidt came along.

But Kelly Schmidt apparently didn’t get that memo. She amazingly presents the Palin-like deer-in-headlights look on her face as she passionately tells the soldiers in Bismarck they’ve been killing and and their friends have been dying for oil.

“David and I have been out in the western portion of North Dakota where we have shared with him the challenges we’ve been facing to help make our nation and our world an energy independent country so that you and your fellow officers and enlisted folks never have to go over there again in order to fight for the oil we all need.”


You should really read the DesmogBlog stories about Schmidt’s conflict of interest problems and her shallow pandering to Patraeus and KKR, the company Patraeus works for that’s courting North Dakota officials to try to get money and tax breaks from them. Schmidt’s office and KKR colluded to have the Office of the Treasurer issue a press release written, entirely, by KKR to promote Patraeus’ visit to North Dakota. She flew around, lifestyles of the rich and famous-style, in the KKR jet. She helped conspire to hide Patraeus from local media people who might have — though probably would not have — had the courage to ask Patraeus what it’s like to visit the hometown of the paramour who shamed him into retiring from government service.

It amazed me at the time that David Patraeus — who resigned in shame from being head of the CIA just a couple years ago after it was discovered he’d been having an extra-marital affair with Bismarck native Paula Broadwell — was able to swoop into Bismarck and North Dakota, jetset around the state like some kind of superhero, and never be asked by anybody what it’s like to publicly visit his paramour’s hometown. Not once. Now maybe we know.

The DesmogBlog stories are interesting reads and are something you’ll never read about in a North Dakota newspaper because it has investigative journalism — something foreign to North Dakota journalists — and raises too many questions about the cozy, incestuous, corrupt relationship between oil companies, our state government and even the media. Read Part One by clicking here and Part Two in what could be a long and ugly series is here.

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