Sunday, November 18, 2018
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Seriously. Where is North Dakota’s missing freshman congressman, Kevin Cramer?

It appears Cramer has closed his office in the Federal Building here in North Dakota’s capitol city. Here’s a photo of what his office door has looked like for a couple weeks now:

The sign says to call a number for an appointment. Call that number and you’re routed to his D.C. office. It’s kinda sad. Cramer pays people to staff his Bismarck office, including his church pastor. You’d think the least they could do is keep the office open.

Here’s what his voting record — his record of not showing up to vote — looks like. (Spoiler: It looks bad.):



Here’s what that says (in summary): From Jan 2013 to Jun 2014, Cramer missed 60 of 980 roll call votes, which is 6.1%. (He missed 25 in this quarter alone). This is worse than the median of 2.4% among the lifetime records of representatives currently serving. The chart above reports missed votes over time.

He’s missed 6% of the votes we pay him to make. His voting record — his record of showing up to vote — is apparently worse than 90% of the members of Congress.

Now, to be fair, I personally would prefer Kevin Cramer never be allowed to vote, so his unexcused absence from the job we pay him to do is — in some twisted way — okay with me. But, at the same time, if I have an employee who locks his office door to me and doesn’t show up as much as Cramer, do I really want him on my payroll at all? I think not. Cramer closing his office now when the rest of the government is open is especially screwed up when you consider that during the big federal government shutdown Cramer wanted so badly, he kept his office open and kept paying himself, his pastor and everyone else on his staff while many other federal offices had to shut down.

Regardless, from all outward appearances it seems Kevin Cramer has closed his official office in North Dakota’s state capitol, Bismarck. He’s missing an inordinate number of votes. It seems fair to ask the question: Where the hell is North Dakota’s missing freshman congressman Kevin Cramer?


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