Sunday, November 18, 2018
Red State Dems North Dakota

By Jack Russell


Ever the charmer, Rob Port of Say Anything Blog took up Dem-NPL U.S. House nominee George Sinner’s No Work, No Pay initiative this week. As I’m sure none of you saw – because voluntarily reading Rob Port is like agreeing to listen to nails on a chalkboard for fun – Mr. Fox-News-of-North-Dakota is accusing George Sinner of being a hypocrite because of the 8 votes (out of 939) that he missed during the last legislative session. What’s troubling is not just that this absence was approved prior to it happening, or the fact that the Republican leadership assured Sinner that they would not still be in session at that time…no, what’s troubling is the chutzpah in which Cramer’s mouthpiece has approached his ridiculous claim.

So maybe it’s the math that’s hard – 0.85% is less that 5.6%. An approved absence on 8 votes is NOT the same as continuous absences with nothing entered into the Congressional Record. Adamantly defending the decision to keep his paycheck during the shutdown he supported, then changing his story over, and over, and over, is in fact a big deal. But if all of this is too complicated for ol’ Rob, I would be happy to submit some pictures and graphs.

Having Rob Port write a screed on you is basically a badge of honor these days. So, congratulations, George Sinner. You’ve made it past the Rob-Port-as-Republican-attack-dog stage of your campaign. Gold star!

The Say Anything Blog paints itself as this crusading paragon of journalistic integrity in the world of the “leftwing” media. However, those delusions of grandeur do not quite fit within the small box that is its actual role as a Republican mouthpiece. (You don’t get to count yourself as a Libertarian maverick, Rob Port, just because you happen to believe gay people are, you know, people.)

George Sinner’s proposal put Kevin Cramer on the defensive, and thus Rob Port on the attack. He harps on Sinner’s 8 votes he missed during his time in the North Dakota Legislature, but conveniently fails to mention that those 8 were out of 939. In case you missed it the first time, that is 0.85 percent. That’s less than 1 percent, compared to Cramer’s what? Oh yes, nearly 6 percent. And that’s just total. Last quarter (April-June) it was up to 11 percent. Ouch.

Port argues that the 8 votes Sinner missed were particularly important ones… as if others aren’t? Actually, Sinner would have been present the last day, if the last day had been when the Republican Senate Leadership said it would be. They told Sinner (and others) the session would be long over before that final day actually occurred.

What’s at stake here is not whether a vote was important – every vote is important to somebody. It’s how many of those votes you’re missing. Where was Cramer during these missed votes? He says some of them in May were when …read more


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